We recommend that you always opt for the best underlay that your budget will allow...

Good quality underlay will:

  • Prolong the life of your new carpet.

  • Give the feeling of luxury and comfort.

  • Maintain your carpet's new appearance.

  • Provide warmth and sound insulation.

The greater the thickness of the underlay, the softer and it will feel underfoot! For example, a 6mm thick underlay will not have the luxurious feel of an 11mm thickness.

We provide a broad range of different underlay and will recommend the most appropriate type for your specific floor, based on factors such as budget, carpet type, underfoot comfort and whether or not you have underfloor heating.

Contact us for further information on underlay, floor prep and any other aspect of our service. A high standard of floor preparation (if applicable) prior to installation, is absolutely essential to achieving a high quality final finish of your new flooring.